The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

The difference between the two states involves changes to the plan formations of all the circuses delineated throughout the overall large plan. The first state complies with all the other textual and graphic information regarding the circuses featured within the Il Campo Marzio dell'Antica Roma publication. In the second state all the circus plans are changed to match the design of the Circus of Maxentius on the via Appia.

Circus Caii. et Neronis         Circus Caii. et Neronis
1st state         2nd state

Circus Hadriani   Circus Domitiae         Circus Hadriani   Circus Domitiae
1st state         2nd state

Circus Agonalis sive Alexandri         Circus Agonalis sive Alexandri
1st state         2nd state

Circus Flaminius jt Apollinaris         Circus Flaminius jt Apollinaris
1st state         2nd state

Circus Apollinaris         Circus Apollinaris
1st state         2nd state

The differing plans raise several questions:
Did Piranesi himself make these changes, or did perhaps his son Francesco? And if Piranesi made them, then why?
Which set of plans were 'drawn' first?
Does this 'change of plan' carry any possible semiotic or symbolic message regarding the Ichnographia's larger meaning?
Does this physical evidence offer any indication of Piranesi's 'design' method?

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