The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

9 September 1778

After fully erasing the Circus Apollinaris and its incorporated Templum Apollinis et Clatra, Laura asked her father if he had decided what to do about the Ludus Florae. Piranesi was still unsure of what to do with the Ludus Florae, so he told Laura her erasing was now done for the time being.
"I just don't know if it should be changed or not. I planned the Ludus Florae in that fashion because there was an ancient temple of Flora at the Circus Maximus, and Bufalini's plan of the Circus Maximus became the inspiration."
"Gosh, this whole plan is like a memory palace."
"Yes, that's exactly what it is."

9 September 2002
"Piranesi Police"
I wanted to mention a piece entitled "Piranesi Police" where I will write about a police station that Piranesi positioned within the Campo Marzio, which is next to a house of prostitution, next to one of the Sessorium, next to the 'sinuous' porticus around the small body of water reflecting the altar of Mars, which is indeed the first historical erection in the Campo Marzio (not counting when Mars raped a Vestal Virgin, of course).

9 September 2005
Hadrian was born in Spain
Interestingly, Giulio Carlo Argan was Mayor of Rome in the late 1970s. He was co-author of Michelangelo Architecto, and (I believe) instrumental in manifesting the project/exhibit Roma Interrotta.
Maybe Roma Interrotta is really just still going on.

9 September 2009

ICM Senaculum Forum Suarium Porticus Constantini

9 September 2013
Obama names critic of Gehry's design to Eisenhower Memorial Commission to oversee DC project
...don't forget that after the Vietnam Memorial was complete, there was still a controversy that Lin's design was too abstract, and eventually a representational statue of three soldiers looking as if cautiously scouting a jungle was added to the 'entry' point of the path to the wall of names.
Does the design 'battle' hinge on abstraction versus representation?
I'm still hoping to find a sketch I drew for a design project from first semester of fifth year (Fall 1980). The project was an omni war memorial for Philadelphia's Independence Mall, the site was where the US Constitution Center now stands. The guest studio critic was Allen Greenberg, who was big on (the design history of) Lutyen's WWI Memorial Cenotaph in London. The sketch is not what I ultimately presented because I just knew it wouldn't go over too well at jury. Anyway, the design was of seven 30' high white marble monoliths, one for each US war up to that time, standing erect in line across the site. Each slab was blank except for a 1' high thin vertical gash somewhere about half way up which acted as a fountain releasing water that would run down the slabs and into a shallow pool connecting all the monoliths. I wanted the water of the fountain dyed deep red to look like blood.
Today, that design could well be a seen as an uncanny composite of abstraction and representation.
[Recently found the sketch within my 1977 Italian Study tour journal...]

Obama names critic of Gehry's design to Eisenhower Memorial Commission to oversee DC project
I'm no longer conflicted because this is how I'm going to remember Eisenhower from now on:

Obama names critic of Gehry's design to Eisenhower Memorial Commission to oversee DC project
And here I thought the first complaint was going to be that the scale is completely inappropriate for the context and site.
I'm still hoping nobody notices that the design is much more Stalin/Soviet style than US/Patriotic style, though. Talk about completely inappropriate symbolism for the leading cold war president!
Hey, if you're gonna be black-listed, you might as well do it right, right?

9 September 2022
Saw the almost full Harvest Moon positioned nicely between Jupiter and Saturn in the southeast night sky.

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