The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

6 December 312
Constantine stayed in Rome until sometime January 313. In early February he marries his sister to Licinius at Milan. 16 February Constantine is at Sirmio, and 10 March again at Milan. In the spring of 313 he goes to Gaul, and stays at Trier 28 May to 16 June. In the summer of 313 Constantine goes to the lower Rhine, and is at Cologne 1 July. By 3 August Constantine is again at Trier and remains there until 1 June 314, except for a possible visit to Britain late summer/early autumn 313. 1 August 314 Constantine is present at the (church) Council of Arles. During the autumn of 314 Constantine is on a German campaign, and possibly supervising the building of a fort on the east bank of the Rhine. From 29 October 314 to 28 April 315 Constantine again winters at Trier. By 2 June Constantine is on his way back to Rome for his 10th imperial anniversary. Constantine enters Rome 21 July 315 and leaves Rome 27 September the same year.

At this point, 18 July 326 is the next time Constantine is again at Rome, for his 20th imperial anniversary. He leaves 3 August 326 and never returns.

Throughout his 30 year reign as Roman Emperor, Constantine spent a total of five months in Rome on three separate occasions.

6 December 1778   Sunday

A Vuë des restes du Pronaos de l'édifice, que l'on peut considérer comme le Collége des Anfictions. L'Architecture de sa façade, est compoée des Colonnes B, et des Annes, ou Pilastres C. correspondants aux Colonnes de la façade D. Dans la place E les pierres sont fragmentées, et indiquent la continuation de ce mur, tout construit des même pierres.     Cav. Piranesi F.
A Vue of the remains of the Pronaos of the building, which can be considered as the College of Anfictions. The Architecture of its facade, is composed of Columns B, and Annes, or Pilasters C. corresponding to the Columns of the facade D. In the place E the stones are fragmented, and indicate the continuation of this wall, all built of the same stones.

6 December 1812   Sunday

Wind from NW, violent thru the night. Morning without a cloud. New temperature in my chamber 42 degrees; former in portico 31 degrees. Ground hard frozen. Redwood, Mary, Lydia and Hannah go to Meeting with me. The road very rough and unpleasant, the ground in most places dried to toughness and frozen nearly to bearing strength, but breaking under the wheels and hoofs much incommode both beast and man. Dr. Moore gave us however a discourse of 15 or 20 minutes worth tenfold the inconvenience of travelling. We found SL and Jabez there who returned with us. The wind which has been very high from NW drew toward W and PM moderated, evening it abated to calmness. Temperature out rose to 38 [?] 34.

6 December 2020

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6 December 2022   Tuesday
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