The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

2 May 1778   Saturday
Vases, Candelabra, Grave Stones, Sarcophagi. Tripods, Lamps and Ancient Ornaments   volume II

To His Excellency the Earl of Lincoln
lover of fine arts
In deed of respect the Cavalier Gio. Batt(ist)a Piranesi D. D. D.
Ancient monument found among the ruins of a tomb on the Via Appia near Capo di Bove in the Cenci vineyard. This monument is adorned on its four sides with carvings and figures in an excellent manner, and due to its bizarre shape it is particular among all subjects of this kind. It seems that this must have been erected to store the ashes of the servants and relatives of some Emperors, and this can be seen from the names in the inscription Urbanus, et Fabia, Vern . . ., i.e. children of a servant born in the Master's house, whose ashes were found on the site where the inscription is placed. It can be seen among the author's other antiquities.
Cavalier Piranesi drawn and engraved

24-25 y.o. Francesco Piranesi 1783
Collezione delle piu belle statue di Roma

Venus Callipiga in the act of looking at herself in the Mirror, formerly in the large, now in the small Franese.
To Mr. Sergell celebrated Professor of the Royal Academy of Painting, and Sculpt.a Stochholm, Knight of the Royal Order of Vasa.
Francesco Piranesi D.D.D.
Tommaso Piroli drawn     Francesco Piranesi engraved 1783.

2 May 1812   Saturday

Morning cloudy, light to wind ... in the Eerly horizon. Therm. 47 rose but little thru the day. A few sprinkles of small rain. S & SL came hither to dinner. The weather for a month past has nearly resembled that of April 1793, when we had about 30 days of Easterly wind--more violent than now--followed by a warm summer and the Yellow Fever. The past winter has been moderate in Russia, but very severe in lower latitudes in Canada and in Europe. Here it has been variable, but the snows are probably not yet melted in lower Canada and Nova Scotia, and hence the cold wind from N. mixed with air Eerly current from the sea have rendered a parlour fire pleasant if not necessary--we had it constantly hitherto.

2 May 1999
the architectural timepiece - chronosomatics
Although it surfaced within the early days of my research towards developing The Timepiece of Humanity, the notion of various modes of human imagination being directly relative to our body's various physiological operations was a completely unexpected by-product. Nonetheless, the concept/theory that our mind imaginatively operates in precisely the same fashion/manner that our body operates functionally, i.e., with fertility, assimilatingly, metabolically, electro-magnetically, osmotically, and finally as pure frequency, is very likely chronosomatics' foremost contribution to human thinking because with it comes a potential resolution of the proverbial body-mind dichotomy.

2 May 2001

Quaestio Abstrusa background 446

Quaestio Abstrusa background 468

2 May 2004
Re: movement generates 3d
Which has a better memory, the mind or the body?
"The spin-doctor I most believe in is the Earth itself, mainly because of the calendar of seasonal reenactment it engenders." he said jokingly.
"Are you paraphrasing from Hemingway's A Moveable Feast again?" the other quickly queried.
Enter Eutropia "Hey! Guess what! Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheims and Sigmund Freud were all at the Vatican Museum doing a double-helix love/hate thing circa 20 January 2004. They were obviously avoiding us at Mediolandum. And that reminds me how 1699 years ago at Mediolandum yesterday my husband officially became a quondam Emperor."
Where does one stop being in Mediolandum and start being in Milan?

2 May 2013
Hiked one of the trails that I know the least, hence currently my favorite trail. It's the horse trail between Verree Road and the run that comes down from Tabor Avenue. Part of the trail is actually part of the oldest section of Susquehanna Road, but I doubt anyone knows that except me anymore. It may well be the last stretch of road before the very young John James Audubon arrived at his first American homestead, Ury Farm.
Along the trail I spotted my first deer path. I didn't know there even were such things until two days ago when a man I met along my walk around Fox Chase Farm told me about a deer path going through the patch of woods we were standing next to. I told him about my various deer sightings right around there and he looked kind of jealous. Then I asked him if he knew anything about birds because I'd like to know what the birds are that I often see flitting and darting and diving over the pasture. He said he didn't know, so I told him I'm calling them meadow larks because of the shape of their wings (and that Fleet Foxes song).
Just as I was done the trail, a Chelsea Handler look-a-like on a 'blonde' horse came slow trotting down the paved path. She said "Hi" first so I asked her, "What color do you call your horse?" "It's palomino." "Do they ever call it blonde?" "No, just palomino. It gets browner in summer, and the mane and tail, when washed, are white." "How old is he?" "Nine." "Is that old? young?" "It's fairly young. Like a teenager." "Ah, then 'Palomino' kinda fits." "Actually, he's a bit of a brat, so 'Brat' would fit better."
Coincidentally, started reading Jonathan Franzen's Farther Away last night--bird watching on a very remote South Pacific Island, Robinson Crusoe, and David Foster Wallace's suicide. Thinking about Franzen's writing style while I was walking back along the creek made me wish I could somehow have a written transcript of all the thoughts that go through my mind while I go on my walks.

2 May 2015

Virtual Painting 249

Virtual Painting 251

2 May 2017

zero three three

2 May 2023   Tuesday
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