The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

27 September 315
Constantine leaves Rome and returns to Gaul.
Constantine arrived in Rome 18 July to mark the beginning of his decennalia; the Arch of Constantine was completed and dedicated at that time.

27 September 1778   Sunday

Frontispiece of Il Campo Marzio dell'Antica Roma depicting the Circus of Hadrian and the fictitious Circus of Domitia, 1762.

47 y.o. Francesco Piranesi 1805[?]
Le Antichità della Magna Grecia   Parte III

Situla or three-legged bronze bucket, decorated with Bacchic emblems and bearing on the handle the Latin name of Cornelia Chelidonis.
F. Piranesi Sc.

27 September 1812   Sunday

Morning clear, wind WNW, temperature 56°. About 9 Thomas Eddy of New York and his youngest daughter Lucy, came hither in a gig; they agreed to stay the month meeting tomorrow, so we put up their horse and took them to meeting in our carriage. Isaac Paxton from town was at meeting and spoke very feelingly on the awful state at this crisis, advising all to look at their standing, etc. Temperature rose to near 71°.

27 September 2003
Re: Good Art
What remains of Elagabalus' Sessorian Palace today is the church of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme. Helena took up residence in Rome within the Sessorian Palace late 312-326, and she brought back soil and relics from Calvary for placement within the Sessorian Palace, so those that couldn't go to Jerusalem could made a pilgrimage there instead.
I wonder if Elagabalus was ever in the same space, and, if he was, I wonder what he did there.

27 September 2020

Mary Boone's 180 hours of community service   hours 167 168 169 170

27 September 2022     Tuesday
It's been starting to feel like I'm losing touch with Piranesi, and that itself is worrisome.
But wait a minute. That feeling makes perfect sense, because right now in 1778 Piranesi is very likely beginning to show signs of fading away from this life (so to speak).
Last Friday night I wondered whether Piranesi, while looking through his works for instances of ancient circuses, was at the same time sending Francesco out to the various sites to see if there was any new data to record. That would explain why it's otherwise 'quiet' at the workshop.
Then it dawned on me how Francesco's been the leading animating force of this story.

27 September 2023   Wednesday

They're all dead, all of them, yet it wasn't all that difficult to imagine what they might have done while alive, though really only for a few minutes at a time. Miers Fisher's almanac/journal served as a prime example of the ease with which a few minutes worth of reading can bring a whole day of someone's life to life.

What's the relationship between story-telling and infinity? Are there only a relatively small and finite number of ways that stories are told, or are there an infinite numbers of ways that stories are told? The correct answer is probably "a relatively large and finite number of ways," working on the assumption that nothing lasts forever.

Night-time vomit followed by two separate light blubs going out within a couple of hours. And...

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