Quondam's 28th Year/      Stephen Lauf

14 November 2023   Tuesday

On 21 November 2023, Quondam, a virtual museum of architecture, will, after 27 years of virtual existence, commence its 28th year.

Agenda items:

The Timepiece male and female anatonical gauge.

The Timepiece gauge superimposed upon the internal anatomy of the human male. Note how the circle/square juncture year of 1543, which coincided with the navel, internally crosses through both the large and small intestine.
anatomical diagram: Encyclopedia Britannica

The Timepiece notes.
1994.11.14     169
From: White, Atonement and Incarnation, pp. 15-16:
"The idea of world history was born of the European mind at a time when Europe itself was spreading its power to the four quarters of the globe. We, who are so used to it, forget how novel this idea was and how late in its appearance. The voyages of the fifteenth century, and the continued explorations and settlements that followed, opened the whole world to European civilization. Hitherto history had been local or tribal, limited to particular peoples or empires. By the eighteenth century, the age of enlightenment could envisage all humanity and the whole earth as the theater of a single drama."
Barrett, W., The Illusion of Technique: a search for meaning in a technological civilization (1978).

The Architecture of Hejduk Plus

Bianconi's Doctoring Piranesi
episode   1: "Who's not an Imperial Piranesian?"
episode   2: "Discovery Fatigue"
episode   3: "...and now they're trying to weaponize it."
episode   4: "The Peace of the Pie"
episode   5: "Nowadays they call it 'going out on a dÚtente'"
episode   6: "Bianconi's Banishment"
episode   7: "When in Rome: The Francesco and Louis-Alexandre Story"
episode   8: "Making Art History at Penn's Furness Library"
episode   9: "The Clues of Silence"
episode 10: "Dr. Bianconi knows all about poisoning, of course"
episode 11: "Pierre-Adrien Goes Five-Finger-Discount Shopping (and then to the circus)"
episode 12: "Landing on Uncharted World Stage Territory"
episode 13: "Premium Epilogue Gasoline, for the smoothest ride to eternity"
episode 14: "History and the Ethical Method"
next season: "lacuna repletea"

A     House of Ury, too     Masque

Germantown Avenue University of Architecture

Francesco Piranesi and Pierre-Adrien PÔris

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