Quondam's 28th Year       Stephen Lauf

17 November 2023   Friday
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15 Wall 2 House   2020

Contamination 002   2019

House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 008   2017

Museum of Shadows   2016

Mies van der Hejduk Quondam House   2015

Maison de l'Homme + Wall House 2   2015

NeuHaus 10 der Künste   2014

Danteum Plus Ultra   2014

Perhaps the struggle today is more with the dual reality of "anything goes" and "whatever works".

Although I'd surely like to see the Kimbell Art Museum in person, the longing to do so has been greatly diminished since I've seen the Trenton Bath House, where Kimbell can be see in its seminal state. I see both buildings as osmotic, architectures that brilliantly manifest an equilibrium of inside and outside, not at all different in this regard than the Pantheon/St. Mary of the Martyrs at Rome.

…while the present is passing through the diaphragm, there is a period of transition between the digestive system (upper organs) and the lungs, a transition from metabolic imagination to osmotic imagination. This transition goes on for almost 400 years. When the transition to osmotic imagination is complete and osmotic imagination is 100%, that is when the heart enters the picture. One could say that the total osmotic imagination signals the start of the heart, the start of the pump.
The transition from the digestive system to the lungs also manifests a change from a number of distinct organs, that have various specific functions and basically have no protective skeletal system around them, to one organ divided in two parts, both operating the same and both having the same function, and are protected and surrounded by the rib cage. The nature of the lungs as one dominant organ brings to mind a distinct unison of action and operation, very distinct from the overall diversity of the upper digestive system. The appearance of the rib cage also suggests a structural, and maybe even controlling system--perhaps the rib cage can be interpreted as structure that protects the osmotic imagination and also keeps the osmotic imagination in check.

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