Quondam's 28th Year       Stephen Lauf

19 November 2023   Sunday
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Nunnery Museum   2021

House 10x8.5: Hypermuseum   2021

House 10x8.5: Hypermuseum   2021

Farnsworth Plus Wall House   2021

Wall House 2 House 2   2021

15 Wave Wall 2 House   2021

Only one student enrolled in a Yale course about women architects, despite grievances against poor representation
Put the entire seminar online for free for everyone. Why should the semination of this "knowledge" be dependent upon how many students are willing pay several thousands of dollars per credit for? Surely Yale can afford to do it. Perhaps courses on diversity deserve a diversity of output solutions.

Chronosomatic architecture: circle/square juncture plans, Washington DC 1981, chronosomatic imaginations; could be the next chapters, including architecture of the body and architecture of the theory itself; architecture of the continuum; of course, go through all the notes including BIA.
“Architecture of the imagination” as in “there is an architecture to the imagination.”

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