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Visible Human Project

Visible Human Project

The second birth will bring with it an almost entirely new age and way of human operation. The second birth is best manifested through the arrival of the heart. The life force of all humanity will be present. I am finding it difficult to elaborate on just what it means for the heart to be present, but present is just what it will be. I could say that the charge and energy and power will be present. Further explaining, the heart will also have the dominant presence. The plurality and duality of metabolism will be over, and the singularity of the heart will take their place.
The presence of the charge in the heart will be further complemented by the vehicle of osmosis--the lungs. For a full five hundred years the heart and the lungs will be the sole operating system. It will definitely be an era like no other era in the Timepiece. Five hundred years of nothing else but a constant beat, a constant charge, and an exchange through osmosis. In the background is the spinal column, spinal cord, the rib cag, scapula, and the esophagus, however even these background elements are clear and distinct and take up a very small cross-section, and most of them, except for the rib and scapula bones are grouped together in the center towards the back.
Upon reflection, it seems that the definition of nourish provides better clues than the definitions of mammalia and mammary gland. It seems that nourishing is more important than the actual way the body goes about it. Given that the second birth occurs immediately prior to the hearts entering the plane of the present, it is then significant that as the present is passing through the breasts, they will be at there most developed, i.e. lactating.
The definitions of nourish have great references to empowerment: raise, to bring up, build up, strengthen, provide with sustenance, maintain, support. In simple terms, human development will be strengthened and supported. Human development will be nurtured as it never has been before. This period of intense nurturing will span roughly five hundred years, the same time period as the heart.

On Monday night (1995.01.09), I again wondered where I personally fit within the Timepiece, i.e. where am I in the present cross-section of the body? It dawned on me that I could/should include the pregnant body in my guessing, and it further dawned on me that I am probably part of the unborn infant. I think that is exactly where I am, and saying that I am within the fetal stages may very well explain my personal self.
Just writing this right now has brought to mind a number of new issues. (1) In relating the Timepiece in general, would it be correct to think of only the female body being pregnant, and therefore, there may be a Timepiece story for women, and a Timepiece story for men, and even a Timepiece story for the developing fetus? (2) If I am part of the unborn fetus then what part of the fetus could I possibly be? (3) Considering myself to be a part of the fetus also plays well with the idea that I would like to be part of the second birth, and in that case, being part of the fetus would virtually guarantee being part of the second birth. This note is opening up a very thought provoking issue indeed.
I can already envision a very nice Timepiece story specifically involving the developing fetus. I am most hopeful because I already know where this all happens in the body, and I also think that there is already a lot of graphic and written material out there for me to get my hands on.
The story of the developing fetus will actually entail two stories--one story concerning just the fetus and the second story involving the fetus in conjunction with the (female) body in general. The stories and how they interrelate may be very tricky, kind of like the beginning of a geometric progression, but I actually think it will simplify itself once the conceptual essences come to the fore.
Actually the idea of complexities simplifying themselves once their true essence comes to the fore is a process that I have continually witnessed throughout the whole process of writing the story of the Timepiece. In simple terms, the story of the Timepiece has always become easiest to understand and easiest to relate when the true nature of the story reveals itself.
Coming back to the idea of a distinct Timepiece story for men and a distinct Timepiece story for women. I'm going to have a little problem initially relating that both stories are actually just contributing to the same story, rather than allowing the idea to develop that each of the stories were independent and could go off in their own direction. Perhaps the best way to start is to present the reality of male and female as one of the, if not the, most prominent manifestation of duality in human development. In fact one could look at the reality of male and female as also the greatest resolution of the duality in that both male and female are literally joinable, and that their union, their intercourse, is the method of creating a new oneness, in most cases a new individual.
The resolution of (the male and female) duality and the second birth play out very well with the rest of the Timepiece story thus far. The resolution of the male/female duality plays out especially well with the equality manifestations within the era of the lungs and the heart. It has also just dawned on me that once the plane of the present has finished passing through the heart, and more importantly, the breasts, the present will then have completed its passage through all parts of the human body that manifest sexual difference. From the breasts on up, sexual difference within the human body is a non-issue. This only further reinforces the notion of a strong and powerful equality manifesting itself after the second birth, and during the era of the heart.
Sex becoming a non-issue after the breasts also sheds light on how the development of mankind from then on is in possession of a new quality that is different than the eras of human development up until that point. This is another perfect example of how proceeding further ahead in the Timepiece more than just occasionally sheds new light on earlier stages within the Timepiece. I am also hoping that the unity of the body after the breasts and the heart helps me to understand the meanings of the body for the remaining period of time. This is leading me right back to the issue concerning the lungs and their co-existence with both the heart and the out-stretched arms, and the extreme relationship between the heart and the out-stretched arms.

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