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The Rachel Maddow/Liz Cheney interview: its message represents the working(s) of the new structural system, the rib cage. Rachel and Liz are both in the lowest tips of the rib cage bones. Rachel on one side and Liz on the other, of course, hence manifesting clear balance, which is indeed a primary mission of the new (rib cage) structure.

28 September 2001
11 Sept. 2001 considered chronosomatically
0. re-read "The Gauge" and "(chronosomatically) Contemplating the Navel."
1. Note that 2001 AD slices through the body at the lowest tips of the rib cage. Note also that the top-most edges of the hip bones correspond with the early years of global exploration (e.g., Magellan's global circumnavigation in 1521).
2. Roughly the last 500 years correspond to that part of the body where there is no skeleton along the corporal periphery (only the spinal column in the background). This corporal hiatus is also where the body most readily and freely expands.
3. Within the Timepiece notes, the new and sudden appearance of the tips of the rib cage mark the beginning of the end of humanity's unrestricted expansion. Additionally, the polarized duality of the rib cage tips mark new polarized extremes within humanity. Moreover, the new corporal extremes are indeed structural, if not also ultimately protective.
4. "(chronosomatically) Contemplating the Navel" relates the historical events that correspond with the slice of the body that simultaneously cuts through the upper-most edge of the hip bones and the navel. The events of 11 September 2001 (particularly, and with full ironic inversion of unrestricted expansion, the dual implosions of the World Trade Center) correspond with the slice of the body where both lowest tips of the rib cage are now firmly and simultaneously present.
5. There is much hope for the future of humanity in that the rib cage gradually manifests a strong and protective structural network, even though oblique opposite-ness is also part of the make-up. Ultimately, however, the rib cage forms a full ring when it reaches the same level as the heart (approximately 1100 years from now).
According to chronosomatics, what has changed for humanity since 11 September 2001 is that the era of completely unrestricted expansion has come to its 'corporeal' limits. The notion of more and more forthcoming peripheral limits, however, is something that humanity (especially the "West") cannot deny.

This whole chapter--"The Timepiece of Humanity/Star Vengeance"--is a test of the chronosomatic theory. A test to see if and how the events of the present-now are traceable within the corporal section plane of the present.

With the steadily approaching climax/culmination of assimilation comes also (an) irretrievable purge.

Another future era: the times of furthest reach.

You might ask, "And all this has what to do with supporting LGBTQ+ rights?"

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