Quondam's 28th Year       Stephen Lauf


Part of the whole new order is also the uniformity of operation and purpose along with the predominance of symmetry. I'm not sure yet what the new pervasive symmetry means or represents. Another new development, relating to symmetry, the arrival of the second birth, and the increased role of women, is the presence of the breasts and particularly the mammary glands. It makes sense that nurturing should become a prime part of the story after the second birth. And it further makes sense that the whole new order becomes 100% manifest at the time of actual (second) birth.
Staying with the idea of when the second birth actually occurs, I believe the answer to that question lies in the diaphragm. The diaphragm is what pushes the baby out of the womb. I wonder if the diaphragm in this regard is what actually constitutes labor? Along these lines, the passing of the present through the diaphragm may in fact be a labor intensive time since the diaphragm does perform (and will be performing) three functions simultaneously, i.e. breathing, defecating, and birthing.
I have till now just thought of the diaphragm in terms of delineating the transition from metabolism to osmosis. Now I'm beginning to see the working (actual and physical) involved as the present is passing through the diaphragm.
In general, over the next 1200 years, there are so many things going on simultaneously, that relate to and effect each other, that it is initially difficult to "digest" it all and put together the right kind of picture. I have up until now always forgotten to consider the present pregnancy and how it makes our pluralistic time even more pluralistic. The presence of a developing fetus within our own bodies is almost like mathematically squaring all the operations that the present passes through within the region of pregnancy. (If squaring is not the right metaphor, it is at least safe to say that the body's functions are at least doubled as the present passes through the area of pregnancy.)

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