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I should do the further work on Piranesi's Final Project that I've thought about, like really flesh out the Bianconi story, which is a 'Circus of Caracalla--Eulogy--Circus of Caracalla' story. Indeed, it is the parallel story to Piranesi's final project--a kind of symmetry versus asymmetry story. I like this, it will be like a flip side of the final project story. I'm going to work on this via Quondam's 28th Year.
The Art that can be construed as supporting LGBTQ+ rights exhibit is 'officially' moving to museumpeace.com as an online exhibit.
The Timepiece of Humanity/Star Vengeance will have to be redone/edited to just the Timepiece (via Russia to The Timepiece Now), as in, The Timepiece of Humanity/Star Vengeance or The Timepiece Now. I'll keep the same beginning/ending dates, and just fill all of it with Timepiece material.

Re: These Muschampian NYTimes
What is memory if not humanity's first approximation of reenactment?

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