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20:44     SL
Hi Orhan, my brother's now in a facility where he's being taken take of reasonably well. I'm slowly starting to feel relieved. Got Reinier de Graaf's latest book--architect, verb--at the Free Library yesterday. I'm thinking of possibly writing a comparison review of architect, verb and abracadabra, faia.

21:14     OA

That's good news about your brother. Vis a vis, you as well.
I was looking at the contents page. I wonder if he is as good as Tom Wolfe?* Abracadabra, FAIA was even more intentional gutter B movie hero!!
Thank you if you put me with superstar Graaf. I like what he wrote on Dubai demystifying trophy buildings looking through an arch (I think I am close). Let me know what you think of architect, verb. I am going to watch this now on your prompt . Thank you.

22:11     SL
I just watched about 2/3 of it. I like his thinking and writing (and designing) a lot. The comparison with abracadabra, faia involves de Graaf's absent view of the coinciding virtual--at least I haven't come across any view of the virtual in the book so far.

Hence, "But I can dream, can't I?".

In the future, everything will be a museum.
I believe in multiple choice:
a. Welcome to the Hotel Zeitgeist.
b. In the future, everything will be a Zeitgeist Museum.
c. In the futute, everything will be a museum shop.
d. One museum fits all Zeitgeists. (Period rooms of the world unite!)
e. In the Zeitgeist, everything will be the future.

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