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2024.02.01   just after midnight

...a collection of thoughts after going to the movies, seeing American Fiction. Well, it's the same day I found out John James Audubon owned and sold slaves. How does this effect my 'connection' to (the mostly teenaged) John James Audubon. What does it mean, to me at least, that a "remarkable" artist albeit also slave-owner, who, as a young person spent his first months in the United States all around my neighborhood, if not also in what is now my own backyard? Is thinking about all this going to sharpen my sense of relaying history? Does it boil down to confronting and disclosing the truth(s) then vis-a-vis confronting and disclosing the truth(s) now?

The black cat made a brief appearance late at night--I hardly see the other black cat anymore--doing its usual routine; it (he or she?) clearly feels it owns the backyard as much as I do. I decided to (finally) give kitzy-katzy a proper name, Bishopsfun. And my resident black cat also has a mailing address, simply bishopsfun at museumpeace dot com. Additionally, if anyone sends a message to me, Bishopsfun will gladly let me know, eventually, I'm sure. Ours is a very lazy relationship.

Pretty sure I'll go see American Fiction again--it was real nice going to the movies (regularly) again (after the 4-5 year hiatus). I think I'll learn something from the John James Audubon/American Fiction coincidence.

If reincarnation is a real thing, I wonder who Bishopsfun once was.

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