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Rem Koolhaas to deliver keynote on day 3 of AIA National Conference
Architecture, official magazine of the American Institute of Architects, April 1988.
Looked for my copy this morning to again see the "computer generated axonometric of the west half of Center City, which shows existing and potential office and commercial development...courtesy of...Stephen Lauf." The image is part of the "Third Comprehensive Plan Unveiled for Center City Philadelphia" news article. A very good read, and perhaps even an uncanny precursor of "Delirious Philadelphia." Subtextually, I know Center City Philadelphia was one of the first cities to exist as a 3-dimensional CAD model (1985), but was it actually the first city to so exist?
What I didn't remember about Architecture April 1988, however, was that: "This is the issue we do each year on AIA's convention locale. Doing one on New York City was a daunting prospect." Hence the large middle section of "New Yorkers on New York." I haven't read it yet, but I'm curious if it is at all anything like a Delirious New York-ten-years-later.
Philadelphians on Philadelphia 2016, who knew?
And don't forget Semiquincentennial 2026.

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