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Ackerman, in The Architecture of Michelangelo, speaks of Michelangelo demonstrating his ingenuity best when dealing with architectural projects that involved many restrictions, restrictions mostly due to the projects already having been started by others and Michelangelo then having to work with many givens. The lesson I've taken away from this is to not deny the givens and then just maybe my own design ingenuity will come forth.

2006.03.01 11:45
Iconography, or the problem of representation
Architecture has not reached rock bottom, nor is it likely to do so too anytime soon. What is unfortunate, however, is how architects have for the most part been trained to deny a whole bunch of reality.
"This comparison is not about precedents, rather predictabilities."

Quondam redux
...new ideas combined under the general theme of virtual infinity. Essentially, the content will develop in any way that comes up, just like schizophrenia + architectures, and the guiding principle will be the infinite nature of the collection. It is exactly the collection, the notes, and the designs and design ideas that will become the displays of the museum all occurring without prescription.

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