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visited Kahn's grave today

Making it/Thinking Architectural
architectural history flattened

architectural history reduced to a few lines

Making it/Thinking Architectural

Using a 3-dimensional representation as a plan (of a city maybe), kind of like architectural thinking in reverse.

the metabolic in gallery 1999
Iím beginning to wonder if the notion of creation and destruction sustain themselves throughout schizophrenia + architectures.
Does anyone understand the connection? Do architects in particular understand how I am using architecture? Perhaps the notion of the metabolic, of schizophrenia + architectures is something both radical and threatening, and therefore most would rather ignore the subject rather than explore it.
Maybe the best way to define my role in architecture is as an explorer, someone who through architecture pushes the cultural envelope. The whole notion of creation and destruction is a very difficult duality to reconcile, and perhaps that is what is most difficult about finding some sort of logic within schizophrenia + architectures.

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