Quondam's 28th Year       Stephen Lauf

My Retirement at Ury So Far
2021 - 2024

In the immediate hour after the dramatic event that occurred at Ryerss Library April 20, 2024, while I was very distractedly trying to make some eggs and bacon, I noticed my neighbor Susan outside mowing her lawn, so I went out to say hello and tell her that she might want to disassociate herself from me because, as of earlier today, I am now public enemy number one at Ryerss Library, to which Susan instantaneously responded, "Oh, why is that, because you're smarter than they are?" Having just been given pause, I eventually said, "Well, I suppose that would be one way of putting it." Later, after Susan finished her lawn work and I finished eating my late brunch, we hung out a bit in her back yard, initially for Susan to show me where tiny birds were flying in and out from under one of my roof shingles--I've been hearing them in one of my office walls mostly in the mornings for over a week now--but we also just talked about getting-old/retirement stuff. We both agree that it's very important to remain hydrated. (Take that any way you want, Just kidding.)

I know of at least one instance where Miers Fisher mentioned the need to go through Bustleton on his way back to Ury from town. This means that instead of turning true north onto the Oxford "Indian" trail, Miers continued up the Frankford "Indian" trail for about a mile before turning north onto the "Indian" trail that is now Bustleton Avenue. I really wish I knew the Lenni Lenape names for these historic trails, because I'm pretty sure they already had them.

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