438 BC

Ictinus (Iktinos)
Mentioned by Varro as one of the seven greatest architects of Greece, and employed during the administration of Perikles at Athens. He built the Parthenon, which was finished about 438 B.C. (see Phidias). Associated with him on this building, Plutarch mentions Callicrates; and Vitruvius, Carpion, otherwise unknown (Vitruvius, VII., præf. 12), stating that Ictinus and Carpion wrote a book on the architecture of the Parthenon. Vitruvius and Strabo mention Ictinus as one of the architects of the temple of Demeter and Persephone at Eleusis. Ictinus built also the temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassæ. (See Cockerell, C. R.)

Parthenon, elevation.
Parthenon, plan.

Details of the Doric order of the Parthenon.




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