4 November

1739 Georg Raphael Donner completed the great fountain in the Neue Markt (formerly Mehlmarkt) at Vienna

1935 birth of Manfredo Tafuri

seeking precedents... ...finding inspiration (2nd version)

Eastern State Penitentiary     1836 3998n
Founder's Hall     3998n
Northern Savings Fund Society Building     1872 3998n
Guild House     1966 3998n
Columbia Avenue Station Improvements     1984a 3998o
William Penn High School     1975 3998o
Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute     1956 3998o

Re: sketching
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Re: The Disney on PBS >> the ABC of politics
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The Language of Architecture
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Why won't you design what we (the public) want?
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"Architectural Debates Are Rubbish"
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Donald Draper at the Museum...
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Herzog & de Meuron   Titlis 3020   Engelberg

OMA   Axel Springer Campus   Berlin

07110401 Maison Millennium? perspectives   2304i07
07110402 Maison Millennium?? axonometics perspectives   2317i04


2012.11.04 11:42
The Language of Architecture
For the most part, spoken languages still relate to quite specific geographic locations. Up until roughly 100 years ago, specific geographic locations, too, had their distinct architectures. Colonialism began to usurp 'native' architectures with European architectures. In the mid-20th century the 'International Style' became an architectural Esperanto.
Is architecture today composed mostly of many, many personal languages?
Are most of architecture's languages now lost?
What present architectures still relate to specific geographic locations?
What architectures are bilingual?
What architectures are multilingual?
What architectures exist also in translation?
What architectures now exist only in translation ?
What architectures are lost in translation?
Who speaks slang architecture? And is slang architecture ever appropriate?
Does anyone ever order language-salad architecture? Maybe that tastes best on Pentecost.
"I love my architect[ure]s because they often manage to say something I haven't heard before."

2013.11.04 17:18
Why won't you design what we (the public) want?
Just to interject regarding Schinkel, the wikipedia entry is misleading. The Crown Prince was about seventeen years old when Schinkel began designs for the Altes Museum, and it was about that time that Schinkel began giving lessons to the Crown Prince in drawing and design. Thus, the notion of 'influence' definitely goes both ways. Also, I've seen reproductions of several of the Crown Prince's architectural sketches, and I don't recall seeing one of the Altes Museum, although that doesn't mean one such sketch does not exist. Moreover, for the real influence on the design of the Altes Museum, look to Durand.
...be careful when writing Gropius and Schinkel in the same sentence. Schinkel was a student of architect Martin Gropius, and I think Schinkel even lived within the Martin Gropius household as a student.

2013.11.04 19:29
Why won't you design what we (the public) want?
Was just inspired to write a 'historical' novel where Schinkel uses the 'influence' of the Crown Prince to get to do the designs he, Schinkel, wants. The Crown Prince figures out Schinkel's stratagem and thus starts changing his mind like every week or so as to what style a project should be designed in, just to drive Schinkel a little crazy, but also to see just how clever Schinkel can be. Schinkel, in turn, figures out the Crown Prince's stratagem and hence the architecture just starts getting more and more weird. [Wolfhilde von Schlittenfahrt, the sexy, new intern in Schinkel's office quickly becomes aware of the dueling stratagems and immediately starts 'busting' in her own stratagems.] Add to that that both Schinkel and the Crown Prince are obsessed with the life and works of Heinrick von Kleist and participate in a secret Von Kleist Society where all forms of strangeness ensue. Working title: Kohlhaas wo bist du?

2013.11.04 21:22
Why won't you design what we (the public) want?
During the reign of (emperor) Augustus, there came a delegation from India to Rome. Augustus was busy building Rome into a "stone" city at the time. The design of tomb of Augustus is uncannily similar (even very similar in size) to the Great Stupa in India. I think the delegation brought along drawings to show where they came from. I guess you really wouldn't be an emperor if, after seeing someone else's great thing, you didn't immediately think, "I want one of them too."

14110401   OMA   Axel Springer Campus   Berlín

15110401   Section House working model   2448i06   b   c   d   e   f

18110401   Herzog & de Meuron   Titlis 3020   Engelberg

19110401 gaua004 facade study   2458i28
19110402 San Giorgio Maggiore plan elevation section   2082i04




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