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eros et thanatos


eros et thanatos

Eros et Thanatos Ichnographia Campi Martii

The Bustum Hadriani with its tabulinum, apparatorium ustrinae, and cavea busti.

The family records are kept here. The bodies are prepared here. And in the hollow, the bodies are burned and then buried here.

This is nothing less than a gigantic "machine" which facilitates the passage from this life to the next.

Thanatos, Thanatos, Thanatos.

tabulium : a place where family records were kept, archives

apparatorium : a place for preparation

ustrina : a burning, burn; a place for burning corpses

cavea : an excavated place, a hollow, a cavity; the part of a theater in which spectators sat, seats, or benches

bustum : the place where the bodies of the dead were burned and buried; the place of burning and burying; the funeral-pyre after the burning of the body




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