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Horti a Julio Caesare Populo legati


Horti a Julio Caesare Populo legati

The most distinctive feature of the Transtiberine gardens, which extended from the bank of the monte Testaccio along the ridge of the Janiculum to the mausoleum of Hadrian. The most sothern were the horti Caesaris, which extended from a point near the porta Aurelia south along the via Portuensis, and contained within their limits the temple of Fors Fortuna, which was one mile from the porta Portuensis. These gardens were left by Caesar to the Ronian people, and were thereafter public property. There is no later mention of them; but remains of works of art as well as of buildings have frequently been found within these limits, among them the foundations of what is sometimes thought to be a temple of the Sun, together with ruins of porticoes and fountains. (Platner)




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