...and speaking of random tangents
2007.04.16 15:21

exploiting Quondam

...tired of doing all the serious work at Quondam... tired of not having creative fun. ...it's time to begin OTHERWISE EYES. ...start "invading" the existing pages with new data that is there like product placement or is disinformation or is just infringement text/imagery.

...the notion of a museum present throughout, albeit a museum completely otherwise.

...feeling that even with the invasion/unethical approach, an architectural philosophy will come through...an iconoclastic approach engendering originality...changing the Ichnographia, adding "bold" topics to the Encyclopedia, P. as a hyper(?) museum of architecture, Synopsis of Architecture by Papidakis and L., "how to be the best architectural client," hyper building additions, religious conversions (Hurva goes Christian, etc.), Seroux and the Denkmal (plus more [like Durand]), the P. model with all the other site plans grafted on, the NOT THERE imagination.



After spending the morning writing a letter to his son Miers Jr. in St. Petersburg, Russia, Miers goes out to garden (where the mailbox is now) and is attacked by a bee, and is ill the rest of the day.




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