Plan of the Church of St. Apollinarius in Classe, three miles from Ravenna, is another example of the union of the form of the temple with the antique basilica. This basilica was erected in 545, by order of Julian, the silversmith, that is, the treasurer of the Emperor Justinian, in honor of St. Apollinarius, disciple of St. Peter, and apostle of Ravenna and Aemilia, now the Romagna. The site of this church, at a distance from the sea, was formerly a port known as the winter station of the Roman fleet, from which is derived its present name of Classe from the Latin Classis.
Portion of the nave of the Church of St. Appolinarius in classe near Ravenna; the arches repose on a kind of rude architrave placed between them and the capitals of the columns.
Base and capital from the nave of the Church of St. Apollinarius in classe.
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