Column from the Cathedral of Torcello.

29. Longitudinal section of the Cathedral of Torcello, one of the islands of the lagunes of Venice: it was rebuilt at the commencement of the ninth century by Orso, son of Doge Pietro Orseolo.
30. Detail of one of the windows of alabaster or transparent marble from the window of the Cathedral at Torcello, forming at the same time windows and shutters; windows of the same kind as those at St. Miniato, whcih were fixed in consequence of their great size, whilst these, being smaller, have been mounted on hinges to open and shut.
31. Plan of the Cathedral of Torcello. The arrangement of this plan recalls those of the primitive churches: eighteen columns of Greek marble divided it into three naves, each terminated by an apsis, the center forming the presbytery, surrounded by semicircular rows of steps the seats for the priests; the pavement is in mosaic; the baptistery is situated in front of the principle entrance to the church, separated simply by a vestibule common to the two buildings.




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