Church, Vignory, Romanesque, c.1030-1045.

Longitudinal section of the Church of the Apostles (800-1045), Florence, built by order of Charlemagne in the ninth century.
Plan of the same; it resembles the Church of St. Michael in Saxia at Rome. Vasari cites this church as an example of the momentary amelioration which Architecture received at that period; and he adds, that at the revival of Architecture the celebrated Brunelleschi studied its proportions (Vasari, Vite de' Pittori, etc., vol. i, p. 75.) On comparing the Church of the Apostles with the Churches of St. Laurence and of the Holy Ghost, built by Brunelleschi (engraved plates xlvii, xlviii), a strong analogy may be seen in both plan and elevation.
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