Robert de Luzarches
The Carlovingian cathedral of Amiens, France, was burned in 1218. The bishop, Evrard de Fouilloy, determined to rebuild it at once on a magnificent scale. The plans for this building, the present cathedral, were made by a layman, Robert de Luzarches. At the death of Evrard in 1223, the foundations were completed. During the bishopric of his successor, Geoffroy d'Eu, the work was pushed with the greatest activity. Thomas de Cormont succeeded Luzarches and built the nave and transept as far as the spring of the great vault according to the plans of his predecessor. In the labyrinth of the pavement of the cathedral, destroyed about fifty years ago, were to be seen the figures of Bishop Evrard and of the three architects, Luzarches, and Thomas and Renaud de Cormont with a commemorative inscription which is now in the Musée de Picardie.




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