Jaime Cascalles
architect and sculptor.
Cascalles made, about 1366, in the chapel of S. Benito, at the monastery of Polbet (Ciudad Real, Spain), the monuments of the children of Don Pedro IV, King of Aragon. Some interesting fragments remain.

Simone Talenti
sculptor and architect.
The son of Francesco Talenti. He assisted his father at the Duomo (Florence), and in 1366 presented a model for that building. In 1375 he succeeded Francesco Salvetti as capomaestro of the Duomo. In 1376 Benci di Cione was associated with him, and they, with the assistance of Taddeo Ristoro, designed and began the building now called the Loggia dei Lanzi (Florence). In June, 1377, the three architects were superseded both at the Duomo and the Loggia. Talenti afterward returned to the Loggia and executed all the carvings on the piers and brackets, finished November 29, 1379. About 1378 Simone filled in the lower arches of Or S. Michèle (Florence), and decorated them with tracery.




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