Hugues Aubriot
prévôt de Paris.
Before 1369 he completed the second wall of the city of Paris (l'enceinte de Charles V) begun by his predecessor Etienne Marcel. He laid the first stone of the historic Bastille (Paris) April 22, 1370. The building was finished in about four years. This work brought upon him the animosity of the people. He was condemned by the bishop of Paris and himself imprisoned in the Bastille, March 1, 1382. He escaped to Dijon, where he died soon after.

Robert de Patryngton
January 5, 1368, he was appointed master mason of York Cathedral (England) and built a great portion of the present choir. He succeeded W. de Hoton and was himself succeeded by Hugo Hedon.

Tomaso di Andrea Pisano
According to Varsari (Vita di Andrea Pisano), he completed the Campo Santo at Pisa. Documents of 1368 discovered by Professor Bonaini prove that he was the son of Andrea da Pisa.




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