Tomaso Formenton (Formentone)
builder and architect; d. April, 1492.
In 1484 Formentone was syndicus of the guild of carpenters at Vicenza. He appears in records of 1489, 1490, 1491, and 1492 as superintendent of the works at the Palazzo della Ragione (Vicenza), afterward transformed into the Basilica (see Palladio). In 1498 he presented the model for the Palazzo Pubblico, at Brescia, Italy.

Ventura Vitoni
architect; b. August 20, 1442 (at Pistoia); d. after 1522.
He was brought up as a carpenter and, according to Vasari, was a pupil of Bramante. All the buildings which are attributed to him are in Pistoia (Italy). The earliest is the church of S. Maria della Grazie (begun 1484). That of S. Giovanni Battista was begun 1495 and completed in 1513. Parts of the church of S. Chiara may also be by him. Vitoni's great work is the church of S. Maria dell' UmiltÓ, a combination in plan of the Pazzi chapel and the sacristy of S. Spirito at Florence. The large closed atrium and the choir were begun in 1494 and the central octagonal portion in 1509. The date is inscribed in the building. At his death he had carried the church to the windows of the third story. The dome is much later. (See Vasari.) His will is dated March 11, 1522.




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