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15062706   Robert Venturi architecture plans   3404i07

14120101   collection of domestic elevations @ 3398   2080i36
14101501   domestic architecture plans @ Pruitt Igoe NNTC   2080i33

14082601   Eclectic Houses at Acropolia Q model plan   223ai07
14082503   Eclectic Houses upright elevations   223ai06
14082502   Eclectic Houses at Acropolis Q plan elevations   2090i28

14021307   NNTC NE Philadelphia Philadelphia School Ury Farm plans   2237i09
13061103   NNTC Philadelphia School plans   2237i08
13040202   New Not There City Philadelphia School Deterritorialized   2237i06

12071202   Philadelphia School plans   217ei03

12062103   Eclectic Houses Gooding House Vanna Venturi House elevations superimposed   2182i03

12062101   Philadelphia School plans   217ei01
12062001   Eclectic Houses Gooding House Vanna Venturi House St. Peter's Basilica window plans elevations plans   2182i02
11110701   contemporary architecture plans   2170i22

11092401   elevations plan   223ai05
11062201   elevations plans section scans   223ai04

11060801   Eclectic Houses redrawn scans   2401i09
11060401   Eclectic Houses redrawn scans   2401i08

11060201   domestic architecture elevations   223ai03

11031001   elevations redrawn elevations plans section scans   223ai02
11021501   elevations plans section scans Museum of Architecture plan   223ai01

Re: CAD-CAM for a Higher and Better Use
Where are the two (newer) houses that you have sent images of? ...descendants of Venturi and Rauch's Guild House (Philadelphia, 1965) as well as Venturi's Eclectic Houses (theoretical studies 1977).

2008.07.14 10:06
bored with modern & contemporary, yet?
"Then I thought, might it not be interesting if homes were treated/designed like BIG BOX stores."
It could well be argued that the Villa Savoye is a fitting representation or acme even of the paradigm shift in residential architecture toward overall minimalism. The skeleton of a minimalist building is even more minimal (see Farnsworth House). Then came the decorated shed with minimalist decoration. And in the virtual present gemmating decorated sheds infringing upon minimalist remains.

2009.03.17 17:10
Making it/Thinking Architectural
Architectural history flattened.

Architectural history reduced to a few lines.

2011.02.16 18:33
7 Wonders (and a half) of POSTMODERN architecture?
Might the whole idea of Strada Novissima (1980) have been inspired by Venturi's Eclectic Houses (1977)?

2012.01.29 11:39
Looking for Venturi cartoon
To further confuse the issue, see pages 56-58 of The Language of Post-Modern Architecture--interesting theory of movie star homes being "the most influential in popular taste."
For the record, the cartoon above from Learning from Las Vegas is from the "Learning from Levittown" studio at Yale 1970, with the drawing/cartoon by Robert Miller (who might be the inspiration for a fictional client today).
"Following the appearance of Learning from Las Vegas (1972), R. Venturi, D. Scott Brown and S. Izenour had planned the publication of their second Yale research project under the title "Learning from Levittown". This book was never completed, but the research material became the basis for a 1976 exhibition [Signs of Life] in Washington D.C." --Stanilaus von Moos
Eclectic Houses and the Gooding House are both from 1977, and may well be seen as "theory/research into practice." Check out the comparative scales. And in 1999, hyper-eclectic.

2012.07.19 15:41
The Philadelphia School, deterritorialized
Cat's away, mice will play or Mom goes eclectic.

Bye House--Eclectic Houses
Replace the wall of the Bye House with (enlarged versions) of the Eclectic Houses facades.



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