29 January

1548 Philibert de l'Orme designated architecte du roy

1811 death of Jean Armand Raymond

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design of analogous buildings, etc.
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compilation of museums
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Eros et Thanatos
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Tertullian's De Spectaculis
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increased luxury related to increased permanence?
2006.01.29 09:24

It's a date!
2006.01.29 09:37

the environmental tipping point?
2006.01.29 17:50     3749j

who wants to poche?
2008.01.29 18:28     4727

Venturi's Lieb (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
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Lost's ending
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lost endings
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Looking for Venturi cartoon
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25 Year AIA Award - and state of the Profession Part 2..?
2012.01.29 20:08     3247f

Has Richard Meier's work morphed much over the years in your opinion?
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Jerde-designed mixed-use destination in Moscow begins construction
2013.01.29 09:49     3749w 3771f

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Barring any qualitative judgement, is it not true that architecture today is very diverse, meaning that architecture today has an abundance of differences? Is present architectural diversity not a reality?

2006.01.29 09:24
increased luxury related to increased permanence?
Try reading the first three chapters of Egyptian Architecture as Cultural Expression by Earl Baldwin Smith (1938).

2006.01.29 09:37
It's a date!
Yes, I too wish architects better understood the distinctions between the virtual and the real. Understanding the distinctions makes for a better understanding of both realities.

2006.01.29 17:50
the environmental tipping point?
After reading the article this morning, I thought that what the Bush administration is doing is really not all the different in what architectural academia sometimes does, that is, disregard knowledge that they can't control, especially knowledge that sometimes shows architectural academia at fault. Thank God for the Internet and self-publishing, right?
Gosh, I even sometimes see that same type of behavior within architectural discussion boards. Go figure.

2013.01.29 09:21
Has Richard Meier's work morphed much over the years in your opinion?
Has the language morphed much? No.
Nor has the vocabulary been added to much over the years.
It's an insular language, but any program can be written in it.
It's easily enough understood by virtually anyone anywhere, but, no matter where, it's virtually always foreign.

Even the tattoo is "one language fits all."
"And the Lifetime Achievement Award for the Most Non-Indigenous Architecture Anywhere goes to..."

2013.01.29 09:49
Jerde-designed mixed-use destination in Moscow begins construction
Ah, the Khrushchev finally visits Disneyland style.
Overall, I think it's not Russian enough, but, who knows, maybe it's the Russians that are behind global warming, because they may well profit from it.
Bombs do not choose. They will hit everything.
--Nikita Khrushchev
If you cannot catch a bird of paradise, better take a wet hen.
--Nikita Khrushchev

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