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St. Peter in Chains   Example of a church constructed with antique columns

1. General plan of the Church of St. Peter in chains, founded about the year 442, under Pope Leo, by the Empress Eudoxia, wife of Theodosius the younger; it was restored in the eigth century by Adrian I, and successively by Popes Nicholas V, Sixtus IV, and Julius II, whose mausoleum still forms the principal ornament.

2. One of the twelve antique columns of the Doric order, in white marble, which decorate the nave; it is not known from what edifice they were taken.
The section of this church, as restored under Adrian I, in the eighth century, is given at pl. 25/1.

3. Plan of one quarter of the column, and profile of the capital; it differs slightly from the capitals of the column seen in Greece, Paestum, and Sicily, in the three beads at the necking, instead of the usual fillets.

4. Column of one of the temples at Paestum, only four diameters high; one of the shortest columns known of the Greek Doric order.

5. Column of the Temple of Theseus, at Athens, six diameters high.

6. Antique Doric column of the Church of St. Peter in chains, eight diameters high; example of the proportion which the Romans gave to the Greek Doric order in the edifices which they erected, such as the temple of Cori in Italy, and at Athens the portico of the building commonly called the Temple of Augustus.




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