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Cloister of St. Paul. Detail of the entablature enriched with mosaics; ornaments sculptured between the arches   Twelfth and thirteenth centuries

1. Drawing at large of the entablature, no. 2 of the preceding plate, enriched with mosaics in porphyry, serpintine, and other precious materials.

2. Another entablature on the opposite side of the cloister, differing somewhat in the mouldings and compartments of the mosaics.

3. Section of one of the arches over the coupled columns.

4. Arabesque ceiling from the Hall of the Ambassadors of the Alhambra, the general lines of which have some analogy to the form of the mosaics.

5. Figures and ornaments from the spandrils of the arches, as seen on pl. 32/2.




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