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Cloister of St. Paul outside the walls of Rome; plans and elevations at large of portion of the fašade   Twelfth and thirteenth centuries

Cloister of St. Paul outside the walls of Rome

1. Plan of one of the principal entrances of the cloister. marked D E on the plan no. 1 of pl. 30 and 31/1, 2.

2. Elevation of the same; the entableture is enriched with a mosaic, the detail of which is seen on the next plate, no. 1.

3. Detail of another portion of this cloister, marked G on the general plan no. 1 of pl. 30, and no. 1 of 31.

4. Elevation of the same; on the architrave is an inscription relative to the period of the construction of this edifice; the detail of the pier is repeated at pl. 70/21.

5, 6. Section of the archies, showing the coupled columns; the bases and capitals are also given in their chronological order, pl. 70/22.




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