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The Architecture of Sweden before the introduction of Gothic Architecture into that country

1. General plan of the Temple of Odin, the Apollo of the northern people, at Upsala in Sweden; the part of the plan in light tint shows the addition to the ancient temple, when it was converted to a church, and dedicated to St. Laurence, in the twelfth century.

2. View of this monument in its primitive state.

3. View of what remains of the ancient temple.

4. View of the temple converted to a church.

5. Ruins of the Fortress of Cronenberg in Smalandia, in the eleventh century, about 1002.

6. Remains of the ancient citadel of Ymsebourg in Westgothica.

7. Other ancient ruins.

8. Ancient Curch of St. Eric and St. Bartholomew, near the town of Sigtuna, on the lake Meler, in Uplande, between Stockholm and Upsala.

9. Remains of the ancient Monastery of Alfuastrae, in Ostrogothia.

10. Interior of a sepulchral monument of King Olaus II, Skattkanungs, baptized in 1012, and of his queen, from the cemetery of the Monastery Husabyense in Westgothia.

11. Temple of Danemarck, or Church of the Trinity, near Upsala, built in 1161. All the arches of this church, with one exception, probably a later restoration, are semicircular.

12. Seal of the city of Upsala, twelfth century; the arches shown upon it are semicircular.

13. Another seal of the same city, 1260; it shows the passage to the pointed arch.

14. Seal of the Metropolitan of Upsala from 1253 to 1271; with arches still more pointed.

15. Ruins of the Monastery of Wreta, in Ostrogothia, destroyed at thr Reformation; in the most ancient part, which is of the twelfth century, we have the round arch, and in the later construction, the pointed.

16. Interior of the choir of this church, with pointed arches.

17. Sepulchral chapel of King Svercher, who died in 1210, with pointed arches.

18. Exterior of the Church of Wakshaldense in the district of Upsala, with round arches in the more ancient parts, and pointed in the restoration.

19. Exterior of the Church of the Trinity, Upsala, built in 1343, restored 1399.

20. Plan of the Cathedral of Upsala, constructed in 1287, on the model of Notre Dame of Paris, by Etienne de Bonneuil, a French architect.

21. Exterior view of the church, with the pointed arch universally employed.

22. One of the chapels from the same.

23. Another chapel from the same. One of the columns is engraved pl. 68/42.

24. Seal of the Archbishop of Upsala, from 1383.

25. View of the Church of Lindcoping, capital of Ostrogothia.

26. Ruins of the Monastery of Gudhemsene.

27. Ancient gate of Cairo, showing a mixture of the two arches, round and pointed.




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