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a differnet affair

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a differnet affair

a fortuitous typo that happened now almost 20 years ago

2001.06.22 combined with exhibition space, and the notion of reality blurred with the virtual...

...ideas and theories on architectural design, as well as real/virtual designs...

2001.06.25 16:20
Re: I'm not home Tuesday
Yikes!!! I hope your jury duty doesn't last a whole week like it did for me twenty years ago. Didn't you tell them that you're working for a very important world artist??? Maybe we'll have to change our whole approach to art and start dealing with rape issues. Did you know Zeus disguised himself into an eagle (I think) in order to rape a youth named Ganemyde? You can tell that story in the jury room; maybe that will get you out.
Let me know as soon as you know. No problem whatever the outcome because I'm keeping busy working on the website.



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