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Stephen Lauf

Inside the Density of G. B. Piranesi's Ichnographia Campi Martii

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pagan - christian - triumphal way 5.1

The Triumphal Way initially proceeds between a great length of tombs containing the remains of free men and slaves and the multi-columned Porticus Hadriani, all within the shadow of Hadrian's great tomb. It is here that those in the march paid the departed their respects before the Triumph entered into the Campus Martius proper. The Sepulchrum Hadriani, moreover, acts as a giant knuckle around which the Triumph make a sharp turn towards the Tiber and the Triumphal Bridge.

the red line indicated the path of the triumphal way
1. Sepulchra Libertorum et Servorum
2. Porticus Hadriani
3. Sepulchrum Hadriani
4. Pons Triumphalis

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