The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

18 October 1778   Sunday

18 October 1812   Sunday

Morning without a cloud. ... I had called last evening at Sister Longstreth’s and engaged her to ride with us to Meeting and come to dine with us, but calling for her this morning, she was not well enough to go out with such a gale and ...... Jos. L and wife and their Aunt Martha L, of whom we have heard much, had sent word that they were coming to dine with her--on our return we called and found them at dinner. We agreed to spend the afternoon with them. Came home and dined alone! PM we rode over there and spent the afternoon very pleasantly. Their aunt is a very respectable ancient friend, a widow of 77...

18 October 1993


18 October 2004

partial Ichnographia with Palais des Congrès in register

18 October 2017


18 October 2022   Tuesday

I'm cad redrawing the erased circus plans "at the same time as" Laura is etching the new circus plans onto the copperplates--both a reenactment inverted and an inverted reenactment. Playful osmosis.
Part II of the 1804 Calcographie des Piranesi seems to have been in the works since circa 1776--the planning of a grand cathartic opus. What we have, after Piranesi's death, are the actual fragments of a vast otherwise virtual scheme. A good part of Francesco's career was spent in manifesting the actual fragments.
Work on Ancient Circuses was not an anomaly, rather ongoing new work as usual. It just happened to be the new publication in the works when Piranesi died.

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