The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

25 October 1778   Sunday

25 October 1812   Sunday

Mostly cloudy except at the SE horizon. ... At meeting B. Bryant and S. Scofield had a few words of exhortation for us and Dr. Moore concluded it with a fervent animating prayer suited to the state of many of the Americas[?] On our return we found the wind had resumed its course from SW... C. Hallowell was at Meeting and threw into our carriage a parcel from S.L. containing letters and newspaper. ...the evening became cloudy.

25 October 1999
exporting merrie olde england
What you are basically questioning and evaluating are the (aesthetic) notions regarding reenactment as a purposefully designed phenomenon within the built environment. As my abstract indicates, I see this particular 'brand' of construction as something on the rise, but it is important to remember that reenactment is a 'theme' that exists throughout history. For example, Hadrian's Villa of the second century AD and Las Vegas of the 1990s. And aren't the Great Pyramids 'perfect' reenactments of mountains?

25 October 2007
I want to write...
Distort the courthouse with garage model. Mix up the Ichnographia plans.

25 October 2008
front-line ideas + regional tradition = potential for a design culture of thinking/making?
Regarding Jarzombek's "Un-Messy Realism", what's important comes at the end:
"We have to realize that our discipline is undergoing an inner transformation of historical import and that sooner or later it will yield an educational system far different from the one we grew up with in the last twenty years. But whether this is for better or worse is difficult to ascertain since there is also a collusion of silence in academe about where the ghost ship is heading."
The "collusion of silence", like a law of silence (utilized by various emperors) is an effective form of control.
More likely it is an outer transformation that is bringing about the inner transformation.
A "collusion of silence" can also breed ignorance via ignoring.
"Official art culture is much more effective in its control of history than Republican strategists, for it knows that the best way to treat contradictory material is not to rail against it, but simply to pretend it didn't happen."
--Mike Kelley, 1992
Be watchful of the inner and the outer to see the full picture.

25 October 2009
Really, what boundaries have you pushed?
Might we conclude that pushing boundaries is uncommon, and muddling-through, (drunken) rage, and even pretense are common?
Does pushing boundaries at least require a metabolic (destructive/creative, challenging/advancing) imagination?

25 October 2016

25 October 2018

25 October 2020

25 October 2022   Tuesday

text messages to HW:
Tonight I christened my property "The House of Ury, too." Very meta-modern, lol.

You didn't know I owned a genuine, non-existent Jeff Koons, did you?

Audubon and Latrobe as true first moderns as well. And Hannah Fisher Price and Hélène Gregoroffsky Fisher as true first modern women. All leading new paradigm lives. And, believe it or not, New Harmony, even.

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