The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

12 December 1778   Saturday

Temple de Neptune Ó Pesto, vu de c­tÚ, et dessinÚ plus en grand, qu'on ne le voit dans la premiere planche.     Cav. Piranesi F.
Temple of Neptune at Pesto, seen from the side, and drawn larger than seen in the first plate.

12 December 1812   Saturday

Morning without a cloud, Wind W. Temperature in 33 degrees, out 21 degrees, nearly calm. Wind rises with clouds vibrating from W to WS, it returned to NW and blew with violence thru the day. Temperature rose to 30 degrees. The wind moderated in the evening.

12 December 2000
..... language [and innuendo?]
The current discussion on architectural language reminds me of a small exhibit at Quondam online earlier this year--innuendo. In a general sense, the display deals with the 'language' and meaning of architectural planimetric forms, while specifically the display deals with the 'master key' that unlocks the long held mysteriousness of Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius (i.e., the large plan of the Fields of Mars). And in hyper-contextual terms, the display refers to the two rapes that generated Rome: the rape of the Vestal Virgin Rhea Silvia by the god Mars, which in turn produced Romulus and Remus, and then the rape of the Sabine women, an attack planned by Romulus in order to further populate his newly founded namesake urbs. That's rape, then rape reenacted, then Eternal City! What better way to institute a 'place' then with the notion "like father, like son."

12 December 2007
There were 17 very fecund tomato plants this past summer, but nothing came of the squash (I think because some kind of bug was eating the roots). Additionally, there are three young peach trees (maybe some blossoms next year) and the ever renewing, spring and autumn blooming raspberry bushes. It takes a lot of work, and if there wasn't a gate and a fence, a small herd of deer would eat everything at night. But there's still the birds and the squirrels who know exactly which tomatoes are ripe.
There's a large field up on a plateau within Tacony Creek Park which may well have been Lenni-Lenape farmland, as there was a Lenni-Lenape camp just down stream.
Fairmount Park was lots of farmland.
Where I'm sitting right now was a farm until 1973, and I suspect the Lenni-Lenape farmed here as well.

12 December 2022   Monday
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