The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

15 September 1778   Tuesday
Imprimatur for Différentes vues de quelques Restes de trois grands Edifices qui subsistent encore dans le milieu de l'ancienne Ville de Pesto autrement Posidinia qui est située dans la Lucanie received. And let the sales begin.

Artifacts of the Bianconi vs Piranesi 'Circus of Caracalla' affair   1772-1789
. . . . .

47 y.o. Francesco Piranesi 1805
Le Antichità della Magna Grecia   Parte III

Ancient household utensils found in Pompeii.
Drawn by F. Piranesi Year 1805

15 September 1812   Tuesday

Morning was clear, wind from N, temperature 64°. Pitt's child is much better and confident hope is entertained in its recovery. Wind drew to NE and further easterly. Sun was hot; temperature not observed at highest but believed 82°. The new swarm deserted their hive and I suppose returned to the parent stock, that continuing very unsettled all day and yes noisy at night. Robert Smith (merchant[?] Front Street), his wife, daughter and our sister Mary Griffiths came hither to tea. She informed that our daughter Mary G Fisher is extremely disappointed that Redwood is not in the Minerva Smith arrived in N York.

15 September 2002
Philadelphia Museum of Art

15 September 2022
If you asked me why I thought Piranesi didn't like the Syon House etchings being dated 1778, it was because he finished working on the plates 4 July 1776. He liked the unwitting coincidence.

"By comparison with Ferdinando Bibiena's etchings, or a maquette attributed to the Valeriani brothers, Piranesi's designs represented a clear declaration of independence from the decors dominating Italian stages."
Alice Jarrard, "Perspectives on Piranesi and Theater" in Piranesi as Designer (New York: Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, 2007), pp. 209-10.

15 September 2023   Friday

Shortly before dinnertime, I was informed that the Star Vengeance exhibition at the House of Culture, Moscow, will officially open 19 October 2023.

Bianconi's Doctoring Piranesi   episode twelve: "Landing on Uncharted World Stage Territory"

"I already know how to survey ruins and draw their plans."   --Francesco Piranesi

"Back in 1813, the President and First Lady of the United States [John Quincy and Louisa Adams] attended our wedding in St. Petersburg, Russia. And a few days after that they also attended my husband's funeral, also in St. Petersburg."   --Hélène Gregoroffsky Fisher at New Harmony, Indiana

"I know exactly where I was when I first learned of the War of 1812--we had just arrived, half drenched by a rain storm, at Ury, Miers Fisher's place."   --Andrei Iakovlevich Dashkov (or Daschkoff)

"All the world's a next stage."   --Stephen Lauf

"Eutropia, wo bist du?"   --St. Helena

"I was with Dante and we went to the Inferno, and lo and behold everyone there was doing the same thing."   --Laura Piranesi

"And tell Francesco to bring his knife."   --Giovanni Battista Piranesi

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