The Life of Pope Sylvester  

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At the same time Constantine Augustus built a basilica of the apostles within the city of Capua1, which he called the Constantinian basilica, and there also he offered the following gifts:
2 silver patens, weighing each 20 lbs.;
3 silver goblets, weighing each 9 lbs.;
15 chalices for service, weighing each 2 lbs.;
2 silver pitchers, weighing each 10 lbs.;
4 bronze candlesticks, 10 feet in height, weighing each 180 lbs.;
30 silver chandeliers, weighing each 5 lbs.;
30 bronze chandeliers;

And he offered certain property:
the Statilian estate in the region of Menturnae2, yielding 315 sol.;
a property in the region of Gaeta3, yieldina 85 sol.;
the property of Paternum in the region of Suessa, yielding 150 sol.;
the property of Ad Centum4, in the region of Capua, yielding 60 sol.;
a property in the region of Suessa Gauronica5, yielding 40 sol.;
the property of Leo, yielding 60 sol.

1. There are no visible remains of Constantine's church in the modern Santa Maria di Capua.
2. Minturnae, a town in Latium, the ruins of which are to be seen near the modern Trajetta.
3. The ancient Caieta, now Gaeta in Latium.
4. This name does not signify, as might be supposed, "At the hundredth milestone," for Capua is 132 miles from Rome by way of the Via Appia, 138 by the Via Latina. Duchesne, op. cit., 2. 200, n. 114.
5. Unquestionably a corruption for Suessa Aurunca, the full title in ancient times of the modern Sessa.




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