The Life of Pope Sylvester  

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At the same time Constantine Augustus built a basilica in the city of Naples1, to which he offered the following:
2 silver patens, weighing each 15 lbs.; [25 lbs.;]
2 silver goblets, weighing each ten lbs.;
15 chalices for service, weighing each 2 lbs.;
2 silver pitchers, weighing each fifteen lbs.;
20 silver lamps, weighing each 8 lbs.;
20 bronze lamps, weighing each 10 lbs.

He built likewise an aqueduct, 8 miles in length; he built also a forum in the same city2 and he offered the following gift:
the property of Macarus, yielding 150 sol.;
the Cimbrian property, yielding 105 sol.;
the property of Sclina, yielding 108 sol.;
the property of Afilae, yielding 140 sol.;
the property of Nymfulae, yielding 90 sol.;
the property of the island3 with the fortress, yielding 80 sol.

1. The basilica may have stood on the site of the church of Santa Restituta, the medieval cathedral of Naples.
2. A Neapolitan inscription in honor of Constantine has been discovered and two in honor of Helena, but they contain no allusion to public works of this sort. Duchesne, op. cit., p. 200, n. 116.
3. Possibly the island of Nisida between Naples and Pozzuoli, called in classic times "Nesis" or [Greek word], i.e., "the island," without other name.




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