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Aedes Fortuna Equestris


Tempio della Fortuna Equestre: « Liv. nel lib. 42, Vitruv. nel lib. 1 al cap. 2. » Si tratta di questo tempio al cap. V, art. III.

The temple of Fortuna Equestris. This temple stood in circo Flaminio and ad theatrum lapideum, therefore between the circus Flaminius and the theater Pompeius. It was vowed in 180 B.C. by Q. Fulvius Flaccus during his campaign in Spain, and dedicated in 173. Fulvius is said to have stolen the marble tiles from the temple of Juno Lacinia in Bruttiis, but to have have been forced to restore them. As we are told that there was no temple Fortuna Equestris in Rome in 23 A.D., it must have been destroyed before that date, and never rebuilt. (Platner)




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