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Aedes Neptuni


Tempio di Nettuno nel circo Flaminio. «Liv.. nel lib. 30, e l'iscrizione del Marliani» riferita nel cap.IV, art. XII, ove si parla di questo tempio.

Ara di Nettuno nel Circo Flaminio. «Liv. nel lib. 28 e 40.» Se ne parla al cap. IV, art. XII.

The temple of Neptune. Livy mentions an altar of Neptune as existing in 207 B.C. This altar was probably replaced by the temple built by some member of the gens Domitia at an uncertain date, which contained a masterpiece of Skopas. Northwest of the piazza S. Salvatore, the remains of the substructures and five columns of a pycnostyle temple have been found, which are usually identified with this temple of Neptune. (Platner)




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