Encyclopedia Ichnographica

Aedes Veneris


Within the gardens were many buildings of various kinds, of some of which architectural fragments have been found, but usually not such as to admit of identification. Several inscriptions prove the existence of a temple of Venus hortorum Sallustianorum, and an attempt has been made to identify this temple with a round structure near the porta Salaria, the ruins of which were discovered in the sixteenth century and described by architects of the time. This structure, however, was not a temple, but rather a nymphaeum, connected with the elaborate system of water supply installed in the gardens. The remains of three piscinae belonging to this system have been found, one on the north side of the vicus portae Collinae (via Venti Settembre) opposite the Treasury, one in the vicolo di S. Niccolo da Tolentino, and the third under the casino Aurora in the via Ludovisi; also a number of lead water pipes inscribed with the names of Nero, Alexander Severus, and Valentinian.




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