Encyclopedia Ichnographica

Capitolium Vetus


There were many places of worship on the Quirinal, as was to be expected from its early settlement. Before the great temple was built on the Capitoline to Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva, there was a temple on the Quirinal dedicated to these same gods and called the Capitolium, but known inhistorical times as the Capitolium vetus or antiquum, to distinguish it from the other. We know nothing of the history of the temple building, except that it existed throughout the empire. The discovery of dedicatory inscriptions, placed in the temple by certain cities of Asia Minor during the Mithradatic wars, and other known facts in the topography of the Quirinal, make it certain that it stood north of the Alta Semita, at the northeast end of the present royal gardens. About 1630 Urban VIII removed a mound of earth which stood there, and so destroyed all possibility of finding traces of the building.   (Platner)




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