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Forum Olitorium


Forum Olitorium

Just outside of that part of the Servian wall which connected the Capitoline and the Tiber was the forum Holitorium, or vegetable market, within the limits of region IX. Originally an open marketplace, this area was enclosed in process of time by various public buildings, -- the theater of Marcellus on the west, the porticus Minucia on the north, and at least four temples, which were built on the side toward the river. Thus its original area, which had extended to the Tiber, was considerably diminishes. lt was connected with the vicus Jugarius and the forum Boarium by the porta Carmentalis and the porta Flumentana. By the second century B.C. this market-place had been paved, and considerable fragments of its travertine pavement have been found between the church of S. Nicola in Carcere and the piazza Montanara, extending over a distance of some 90 meters. On one side of this pavement some remains of a porticus have also been found. (Platner)




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