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Pons Janiculensis


Pons Janiculensis

Ponta Gianicolense.: « P. Vitt. nell'epilog. » Fu ristorato da Sisto IV Pontefice Massimo. Si dinota nella Tav. III, e suo indice col num. 70. Veggasi intorno a questo il Dempstero nel. lib. 7 delle ommissioni al cap. 32.

Pons Aurelius, the modern ponte Sisto. In the list of bridges in the Notitia, we find the pons Aurelius. This name does not occur in the guide-books of the middle ages, but in its place a pons Antonini, or pons Ianicularis, which was partially destroyed in 772 and called pons ruptus until 1475, when it was rebuilt in its present shape by Sixtus V, and known thenceforth as the ponte Sisto. (Platner)




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